About New Creation


New Creation, Inc. offers an innovative approach to substance use recovery:

Intentional Community Care

It fills the gap between the current treatment in a Rehab/Hospital setting and self directed care back in the environment.


What it is:

    •    12 Step Ministry
    •    Therapeutic structured community
    •    Shared living
    •    Educational classes/group counseling
         (residents and non-residents)
    •    Licensed professional staff
    •    Clinical staff lives within the properties
    •    Meals together
    •    No drugs/no alcohol

What it is not:

    •    Just housing
    •    Open ended
         (there is a 90- day commitment and a 2 year cap)
    •    Insurance driven

We Offer

• Continuing Care Education
• For residents and nonresidents
• Adult men and women (18 & up) in recovery
• Wednesday, Friday & Saturday evenings, 6-9 PM